The Leo Woman

Leo Woman

July 23 TO August 23

Symbol: The Lion

Slogan: I Will, Therefore I am.


Leo the celestial lion is the sign that rules the heart. That part of our anatomy in which it is said, many of our highest virtues reside.

The Leo woman is the embodiment of honor loyalty, faithfulness, and trust when at her best, however, she must to take care about her tendency to develop an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

The heart is the center of the circulatory system, in representation the center of life and, often the Leo women can feel that she is the center of every life situation in which she finds himself.

While the immature Leo lion cub can be quite self-cantered and very demanding of the attention of those around her, the mature Leo the lion can act quite differently in that her heart is boundless in its generosity and she is not continually fixated on the focus of her own needs and desires.

Leo also represents the sun and the sun never exhausts its fuel. 

The truly caring Leo woman is a person whose sun casts no shadows but burns brightly to bring light, heat, and warmth to everyone and everything around her. 

Alternatively, the more self-cantered Leo tends to mistakes her friends for admirers, she uses other people’s creative energy to advance her own purposes, and will give very little of herself but her projected ego.


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The Leo woman likes to spend her money in such manner that the results can be seen. She favors flashy clothes, outstanding jewellery and home furnishings, plus, of course very expensive cars. 

A wealthy Leo woman will tend to invest in up market art works and artifacts.

She can be very generous with children and friends, will buy special gifts for her loved ones and will, more than likely, be the one to pay the bill in restaurants

A reality in the life of the Leo woman, is to learn that even the wealthiest within this world need to save and conserve some of their income.   


A Leo woman is the embodiment of the romantic: the passionate, the poetic, the ardent, and the adoring. Never doubt however, that she expects her love to be returned with the same intensity of enthusiasm, passion and devotion.

More often than not the Leo woman’s love can become somewhat overwhelming and very possessive. While this can be rather flattering initially, over time the Leo girl needs to lean to ease of a bit in order to give her partner a chance recover,

The Leo woman’s pride is always at stake, and no matter how loudly she roar’s, here ego is delicate and fragile.

She is a girl who likes to know that she is being appreciated and, when so, in return she will be incredibly kind and generous.

Any partner to this Leo girl will need to be very strong and, of a somewhat independent nature, otherwise romance within any relationship will become subject to domination by this Leo the lion girl.

People born under the signs of Aries, Sagittarius, and Libra relate well with the Leo woman.

Good friendships can arise with Virgo and Pisces folk but Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio can present a challenge

Considerable harmonization will be necessary in any relationships with those of the Cancer or Capricorn sign.



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